It’s been raining for two days and all I wanted for lunch today was warm and cozy comfort food.  For me, that’s Cracker Barrel a big ol’ heaping helping of macaroni and cheese.

I did order some meatloaf with my mac and cheese and some cole slaw too.  There’s just something about the mac and cheese at Cracker Barrel that makes me so very happy.  It’s always thick and creamy and cheesy with so much ooey gooey goodness.  I’m addicted. 

I usually get the chicken fried chicken, but since I had chicken last night, went for the meatloaf.  It’s standard fare, nothing out of the ordinary, but it doesn’t disappoint.  The biscuits were fresh and tasty too. 

It’s a lot of food for $8.  I couldn’t finish all of the meatloaf.  It wasn’t very crowded in there today at lunch which was nice too.  Sometimes it can get kind of loud in there.  It was a shame I had to go back to work because after all those carbs, I was ready for a nap. 

Cracker Barrel
13833 West Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa, FL

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