We met a friend for lunch at Molly Goodheads today.  Started out with the alligator tail appetizer, half fried & half blackened.

It didn’t do much for me.  Yeah, I thought it tasted like chicken and the pieces were really small and crunchy.  Loren said the blackend seasoning was pretty strong today.  He thinks the last time he ordered it, he must have asked for lightly blackened.  For lunch, he decided on gumbo.

Nice big bowl of tomatoey goodness.  Definitely a different take than what we get at the Cajun Cafe, but still pretty good.  Our friend got a crab cake sandwich & I got the crab cake plate with garlic mashed & cole slaw.

They had two different crab cake dishes on the menu, this one and a Maryland crab cake.  I hope the other one is better because this one wasn’t very good.  Mostly filler and cooked a bit too long.  The coating was too crispy.   Usually, I love the mashed potatoes here,  but today’s were a bit too thick & had way more garlic than I like.  Overall, not the best meal I’ve had here.  Total bill with 2 drinks was $35.

Molly Goodheads
400 Orange Street
Ozona, FL

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