We spent the morning at Lowry Park Zoo and stopped at La Pequena Colombia in Tampa for lunch.  The restaurant was packed, but luckily we were able to get a table.  We started off with some empanadas.

These were some tasty little bundles of goodness.  We had to hold ourselves back from ordering a few more.  The filling had a really nice flavor.  Loren decided on the beef soup for lunch which came with a side of rice and beans.

He really liked the soup.  It had a lot of flavors going on including a strong cilantro taste.  The beef was tender and it had a lot of different veggies in it.  The beans had a lot of flavor as well.  I went for a country platter which had ground beef, pork skin, rice, beans, plantains, corn cake, an egg plus a salad.

There was a lot going on on this plate.  I didn’t like the ground beef that much as it had a strong cilantro flavor, but everything else on the plate was really good.  The pork skin had a very familiar flavor and was really addictive.  I think we narrowed it down to a flavor similar to the fried chicken at Publix.  I don’t know how to explain it, just that it was pretty darn good. The plantains were also very tender and sweet.  Half of this dish came home with us.  Way too much food for me.

I also couldn’t pass up getting something from the bakery.

Except for the fact the the pre-sliced edges were a little dry, the rest of the cake & strawberry filling was good.  There were several items in the dessert case that I would have loved to take home with me, but there’s always next time.  Service was ok.  Our waiter seemed to have a hard time understanding me and we had to wait a while before he finally returned to our table with the $25 check.  Overall, though, definitely a place we’d eat at again.

La Pequena Colombia
6312 N Armenia Ave
Tampa, FL

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