Didn’t feel like cooking tonight, so we headed over the Latin American Grill Argentine in Oldsmar.

We’ve been here a few times.  It’s a small restaurant, but the food packs a lot of flavor.  They start you off with some cuban bread with a chimichurri sauce to dip it in.

You know it has to be good when Loren eats more bread that I do.  The sauce is very garlicy and full of herbs.

We split a chicken empanada for an appetizer.

It was nice and crispy and the chicken filling was really tasty.  I’d be happy with just a couple of these for dinner.   My dinner came with 2 sides and I chose the chicken soup as one of them.

It was chicken and rice with a lot of veggies.  It had a really nice flavor to it, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.  There was almost a sweetness to it, but I don’t know if it was just from the fresh vegetables or if something else was added.  In either case, it was a yummy bowl of soup on a rainy night.

Loren got the roasted pork with yellow rice and beans.

Inevitably, if there’s roasted pork on the menu, he’s going to get it. This one had a bunch of onions plus the chimichurri sauce mixed it.  He scarfed the entire thing.

I went for the Milanesa de Pollo with mashed potatoes.

There was enough chicken here to feed at least two people.  It was nicely pan fried with a lot of seasoning on it.  Maybe a little too much for my taste.  It sort of tasted salty, but maybe with a little lemon thrown in.  The chicken was very tender and the mashed potatoes were homemade, which is the way all mashed potatoes should be.

For $35 we got an appetizer, two entrees and a drink, plus have of my chicken for leftovers.  Everything was really tasty and flavorful and the service was good too.  It’s one of those restaurants we enjoy whenever we go there, but we just keep forgetting that it’s there.

Latin American Grill Argentine
3780 Tampa Road
 Oldsmar, FL‎

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