We ate lunch at Panera Bread in Oldsmar today.  I never go to this location because their parking lot is horrible and always full.  We missed the lunch crowd, so were able to get in & out fairly quickly.

Loren ordered a cup of clam chowder with half of a smokey turkey club.

He was less than impressed to say the least.  He liked the chowder, but his panini was just a train wreck.  The bottom side wasn’t grilled at all because half of the turkey was outside of the sandwich.  Definitely some poor quality control going on here.

I went for the chicken salad on ciabatta bread & a side of mac & cheese.

I was pretty impressed with the mac & cheese.  It was very creamy & had a nice unique flavor to it.  I’m hard to please with mac & cheese but this one ranks as one of my favorites now.  The chicken salad sandwich was pretty good.  Way more than I could eat in one sitting, so it was lunch the next day too.  Total bill with two drinks was $25.

Panera Bread
3181 Tampa Road
Oldsmar, FL

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