I was craving some German food, so we drove up to Holiday to have dinner at The German Restaurant.  They had live music tonight.  It was amusing to say the least.  I’m not a big accordian fan, but the tunes were bouncy and the yodeling definitely made me grin.

Loren got a salad and I decided to try the brussel sprout soup.

Now, I’m not a big fan of brussel sprouts, but I gotta say, the soup was pretty good.  It was very creamy and had an interesting flavor.  If I didn’t know what was in it, I’d have said it was pea soup.  Loren went for the roulade tonight.

He said the roulade was very tender and had some good flavors, but found the cabbage to be a bit too vinegary.  I was craving schnizel, so I got the Jaeger schnitzel which is covered in a mushroom gravy.

I was one happy camper.  It was delicious.  The pork was very tender and the gravy had a nice flavor to it.  My only complaint was that it seemed to be a bit greasy and not as crispy as the last time I had it.  There was also plenty of leftovers given that it came with two big pieces of pork.  The homemade spaetzle was also tasty.  And I just can’t leave this restaurant without having a piece of the Black Forest cake.

Mmmmm… It’s a tasty cake, but like I’ve said before, the whipped cream on the plate needs to be sweetened a little more.  Service is a bit hit or miss here.  During the meal, it’s pretty good, but we found ourselves waiting way too long for the check.  Total bill was $41.

The German Restaurant
2616 US Hwy 19
Holiday, FL

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