We were driving around looking for a place to eat lunch and when we saw all the cars in the parking lot of the Largo Family Restaurant, we decided to stop & try it.  Our first impression was that they really needed two people working the front of the house.  The cashier was also the host, so while he was taking people’s checks, he motioned us over to a dirty table & said someone would be with us soon.

This is the type of restaurant that’s hard for me to review because the entire experience was relatively unremarkable.  We ordered a cheeseburger and a roast beef wrap.

Both of them were fairly bland and generic.  Service was a bit slow, but otherwise ok.  It was just an experience that left no impression at all, even on the wallet.  Total bill with a drink was only $13.  I’m guessing the crowd is there because the prices are reasonable, but it’s not a restaurant that we’d make a special trip to go to.

Largo Family Restaurant
788 Missouri Ave N
Largo, FL
(727) 584-7330

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