We ate dinner at Lulu’s on Main in Sylva tonight.  It’s a nice little restaurant and was pretty busy for a Friday night.  They have a lot of vegan and vegetarian dishes.  We started off with The Frenchy, which is goat cheese, olives and French bread.

I’m a big fan of goat cheese, so I really liked this appetizer.  Loren ate the olives and I scarfed most of the bread and cheese.  The French bread was really good.  Our entrees came with salads.  Loren got the szechaun dressing and I tried the lemon dill.

I didn’t get a lot of lemon flavor in the dressing, just the dill.  Loren liked his more than I did, which also went for our entrees.  He ordered the portabello mushrooms.

They were served with a garlic mashed and broccoli.  There was a lot of mushrooms on the plate, he couldn’t even finish them all.  He liked the flavor of the sauce and was surprised to discover that he enjoyed almonds on his mashed potatoes too.  I ordered one of the specials which was a sweet potato and black bean enchilada.

It was a little too spicy for me and I just didn’t enjoy the overall texture of the dish.  It was all too soft and there wasn’t any contrast in flavors.  We also ordered the white chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

This was a big disappointment to me.  This was not the texture that I believe cheesecake should have.  This had a gelatin rubbery texture that completely ruined it for me.  Cheesecake should melt in your mouth; this did not.  The cookie crust was good though.  Total bill was $39.

Lulu’s On Main
612 W Main St
Sylva, NC
(828) 586-8989

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