We eat out a lot and tonight we realized there are just some types of restaurants that aren’t for us.  Besa Grill in Clearwater is one of them.  There’s something about it that tries too hard.  For the prices, you have a certain expectation and for us, those expectations just weren’t met tonight.

I normally drink water & Loren got an iced tea.  He was disappointed in the tea; again, it just comes down to expectations.  In a place like this, you’d expect it to be fresh brewed.  The only reason I mention the drinks is because they serve water in these small glasses and put a frosted water bottle on each table.

Honestly, I’d rather have had a large glass of water with ice rather than the waiter constantly stopping by the table to refill my glass.  On to the food.  We ordered the duck nachos as an appetizer.

The chips in these nachos were the best thing we ate all night.  They were phenomenal.  Fresh & crispy and oh so good.  I could have just eaten a plate of those.  The nachos were a mixed bag though.  Loren found a few bones in the duck pieces and the cheese was just a little off.  I don’t know how to describe it, the flavor and texture just weren’t what we expected.  Don’t get me wrong, though, we ate the entire thing.

For his entree, Loren got the Ahi Tuna Tower.

It was served cold, which he didn’t like all that much.  The carrot strings on top were a hoot to watch him try to eat.  Whoever thought putting ridiculously long, thin strands of carrot on top of this dish has a warped sense of humor.  The menu said they were crispy fried, but they seemed raw to us.

For my entree, I ordered the corn husked mahi.

There was nothing in the description of this dish that led me to believe it would be spicy.  After a few bites, I couldn’t feel the roof of my mouth.  Granted, I’m very wimpy when it comes to spices and whatever spice was in this dish did not agree with me at all.  Unfortunately, I also found the mahi to be a bit dry.  Loren ended up eating part of my dish too.

I wanted to try dessert, so we got the whoopie pies.

There was a red velvet with vanilla ice cream, a chocolate with mango cream, and a carrot cake with a ginger cream.  Loren liked the carrot cake best.  Of the three, it did have the best cake.  I liked the red velvet because the ice cream was a good contrast to the thick, dry cake.

Our waiter was pretty good, although plates stayed on the table a little too long and at one point a busboy cleared plates and took my silverware without replacing it.  One of the biggest gripes we had though was the noise level in the restaurant.  Not only were the acoustics horrible, but the background music they played was too loud and had a pounding, repetitive beat to it.  For a $70 meal, I expected much better from the experience.  This isn’t a restaurant we’ll be going back to.

Besa Grill
2542 McMullen Booth Rd
Clearwater, FL

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