Rodie’s Restaurant recently opened up on McMullen Booth, so we decided to give it a try.  Loren opted for lunch while I ordered for a breakfast skillet with pancakes.

The skillet I ordered had hashbrowns, ham, onions, mushrooms & cheese.  It was very bland and dry and the mushrooms were out of a can.  The pancakes were a bit on the heavy side.  They just weren’t light and fluffy, especially when you dug into the middle of them.

Loren got a chicken sandwich with chips.

He said it was ok, but not something he’d come back for.  There just wasn’t any down home goodness to the food, it was just extremely generic.  Our waitress was new as well and it showed.  One of those things that makes me twitch is after I’ve ordered something to have the waitress come back to the table to tell me what I ordered wasn’t included in the dish when it says so right on the menu.  Needless to say, the pancakes that came with my meal showed up a bit later than the rest.  Total bill was $17, but I’d probably hit up Cracker Barrel or Village Inn before we go back here again.

Rodie’s Restaurant
2471-7 N McMullen Booth
Clearwater, FL

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