Met my sister in Winter Park today for the annual birthday gift exchange.  Our birthdays are 5 days apart, so since she lives on the east coast of Florida and me on the west, we usually meet in the middle. We ate lunch at Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen.

I was craving some crawfish etouffee.

It was ok, not spicy at all.  I guess I like the version at the Cajun Cafe in Pinellas Park so much, that any etouffee that differs significantly from that just doesn’t satisfy the craving.  It had a nice blend of flavors, but overall just seemed a bit too mellow.

My sister ordered the chicken gumbo and half a muffuletta sandwich.

She was a bit surprised at how big half a sandwich was.  She enjoyed both items though.  Said she preferred black olives instead of the green that were on this sandwich, but that it was still tasty.  Needless to say, half of the half went home with her.  Total bill with a drink was $30.

Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen
2203 Aloma Ave
Winter Park, FL
(407) 672-5753

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