We were looking for something relatively light for dinner, so we drove into Safety Harbor to Crepe-ology.  It’s located on 5th Avenue, right off of Main Street.   There was a large party in the restaurant, but the waitress told us up front that there would be a wait for our crepes.  Loren ordered a salad to tide him over.

The balsalmic dressing was tasty.  Everything served here is in disposable containers, paper plates, plastic cups and silverware.  It’s a very casual restaurant.

We decided on two crepes and shared them, the seafood crepe and the chicken supreme.

I liked the chicken supreme crepe the best.  It has goat cheese in it and the roasted red pepper sauce on top adds a nice flavor.  The seafood one was ok, but I thought the shrimp in it were a little overcooked. 

But, let’s face it, we’re here for dessert.  They had a citrus cheesecake crepe tonight that I just couldn’t resist and we also ordered a carmelized banana crepe.

Trust me, if you like orange, order the citrus crepe.  It was divine.  The cheesecake filling was still a little cold, but it had such a burst of flavors in it.  I asked them to put some chocolate sauce on it because I love chocolate and orange together, but honestly, it didn’t even need it.   The carmelized banana one was pretty good, but I found the bananas to be a little too mushy.  The homemade caramel sauce was very good though.

With an iced tea, the total bill was $36. 

155 5th Ave N
Safety Harbor, FL

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