We’ve been having some miserable weather in Florida lately.  It’s been rainy and cold for far too long for my tastes.  We opted for some Thai food for lunch today at Pacific Thai Cuisine in Oldsmar.

Pacific Thai has a fairly inexpensive lunch menu.  You get soup and salad plus an entree for $6.95.

The chicken rice soup was nice on such a rainy day.   The ginger dressing on the salad was a bit thick, but tasty nonetheless.

Loren ordered the chicken with ginger sauce and I ordered chicken with mixed vegetables.  They’re both served with jasmine rice.

They looked exactly the same to me.  Mine had some different veggies than his did, I guees.  Unfortunately someone in the kitchen went nuts with the pepper shaker on mine.  All I could taste was black pepper. 

We got out of there for just under $15 for the two of us.

Pacific Thai Cuisine
4058 Tampa Road
Oldsmar, FL

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