Our last experience at Niko’s wasn’t great, but we decided to give them another try for lunch today.  Unfortunately, it just confirmed that we should stop eating here.

Loren got a hamburger.

It was ok, nothing to write home about.  My dish however, was mostly inedible.  I ordered the eggplant parmesean sub with fries.

I don’t know if you can tell from the photo or not, but a good part of the eggplant is completely black and burnt.  You can put as much cheese and sauce as you want on a dish, but you can’t fix burnt.  And yes, they took it off the bill.

They did redeem themselves with dessert though.  The tuxedo bomb was decadently delicious.

Granted, it’s the exact same thing I got at another restaurant in town ( I believe it’s a Sysco product), but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.  It’s got layers of cake, chocolate and vanilla mousse inside.  Mmmm… Total bill ended up being $12.  I don’t expect we’ll be back here again anytime soon.

Niko’s Pizza & Seafood
3705 Tampa Rd
Oldsmar, FL

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