We just wanted something quick and inexpensive for dinner, so we headed over to Poblanos.  For a Saturday night, they weren’t very busy at all.  The last few times we’ve been here, they’ve sat us in the same booth.  We’re beginning to think of it as our booth.

Loren dug right into the chips and salsa.

Even though the salsa here isn’t chunky, he says it’s very flavorful.  They have a nice blend of ingredients that keeps him dipping until the entrees show up. 

They are definitely fast moving food out of the kitchen.  This is probably one of the shortest waits we’ve had for food in a while.  Loren got a combo with a tostata and taco and I got the burrito deluxe.

The food is just buried on the plate.  Mine had a shredded chicken burrito and a beef burrito under a mound of lettuce and sour cream.  It was ok.  You don’t really get any distinct flavors in a dish like this here.  It just all blends together.   Like I said, we came for quick and inexpensive.   Service wasn’t great tonight.  After dropping off our food, we never saw the waiter again.  Total bill with a drink was $21.

Poblanos Mexican Grill
245 McMullen Booth Road
Clearwater, FL

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