We started out tonight with plans to eat at Carmel Cafe in Safety Harbor.  We walked in the door and the noise level was deafening.  Even if there hadn’t been a 20 minute wait, I don’t think we’d have stayed.  Have to try them on a less busy night. 

Next stop was Cheddars in Clearwater, but they also had a very long wait.  Guess everyone decided to go out to eat tonight around 6:30pm.  We ended up at Deeya Indian Cuisine.  It was serenely quiet in there which is a wonderful thing after a long day at work.

We started out with the Keema Samosa.

Deep fried pastry with lamb and peas inside.  It had a little bit of spice, but nothing overwhelming.  It was pretty tasty. 

Loren got the chicken Tikka Masala. 

He got it medium spiced and after a few bites, thought perhaps he should have gotten it mild.  He ended up stealing some of the mild sauce from my Butter Shrimp and mixing it in with his.

The last time we ate here, I got the same dish, but I thought it had more flavor.  Tonight, I found it to be fairly bland and the shrimp were a little overcooked.  We also had to get some garlic Naan bread to sop up any remaining sauce.

Fresh, hot, buttery, and garlicly.  Good stuff.  Service during our meal was pretty good, they filled my water glass regularly.  However, once we were finished, we waited for a while before anyone came back to clear the plates and get our check.  Total bill was $42.

Deeya Indian Cuisine
5166 East Bay Drive
Largo, FL

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