Had lunch at Salsa’s in Oldsmar today.   This is the second time I’ve eaten here and it’s been busy both times.  We started out with some chips and salsa and I ordered the cheese dip.

Loren thought the salsa was very bland.  Not spicy at all.  He thought maybe it was leftover marinara sauce from the Italian restaurant that used to be in the space.   The cheese dip, on the other hand, had a little kick of jalapeno. 

He ordered the lunch chicken fajitas and asked the waiter if it came with guacamole.  The waiter said yes it did.

If you’ll notice from the photo, there’s no guacamole there.  Unfortunately our waiter never returned to our table, so it’s not like we could order some.  Both times, I’ve been here, the service has been less than stellar.  They take your order, drop off your food, and then they never check back with you until you’re ready for the check. 

I ordered the chicken creama.

It’s a rather plain dish, with not a lot of flavor going on.  The chicken was tender though.  Total lunch with a drink ran us $23. 

Salsas Mexican Restaurant
3970 Tampa Road
Oldsmar, FL

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