We ate dinner at Hacienda Mexican Grill over on Drew Street tonight.  It wasn’t very busy for a Friday night, but I’m all for not having to wait for a table.

They started us off with some chips and salsa.

Loren said the salsa tasted very fresh, though it wasn’t very spicy at all.  He ordered the carnitas.

He really enjoyed the dish.  Said everything tasted very fresh and flavorful.  The pork was very tender.  The guacamole had a little kick to it.  The rice and beans were standard fare.

I ordered the shrimp chimichanga.

It was rather disappointing.  The shrimp tasted as though they had been frozen and quickly defrosted.  They just had a taste to them that was not fresh and flavorful.  Definitely not good eats.  

They had live music tonight, but I’m never sure what the proper etiquette is when they come to your table and play.  Should you let your food get cold while you watch and listen or is considered rude to continue eating?  Don’t get wrong, they were very good, but I’d just rather not have them focus directly on our table while we’re eating.  

Total bill was $24. 

Hacienda Mexican Grill
2551 Drew St, Ste 104
Clearwater, FL

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