Greek City Cafe just opened up in Clearwater near Kohls and Countryside Mall so that was our destination for dinner.   It’s a very casual restaurant, you order at the counter and they bring the food out to you. 

Loren ordered a blackened grouper sandwich with fries and a Greek salad.

This was probably one of the smallest grouper sandwiches we’ve seen, but he said it was very good.  It came with a spicy spread, he thought it may have had some horseradish in it.

The fries were hot, fresh, and crisp.  They had some seasoning on them, maybe oregano, that made them very flavorful.  I got the potato salad with my meal.  It was different.  It had a little bit of something spicy in it that you didn’t really taste until the end of a bite. 

We both got Greek salads with our meals.  You name it, it was in this salad.  I had to deconstruct mine to take off the peppers, onions, and green peppers.  It also had cucumbers, tomatoes, potato salad, feta, an olive, and somewhere in there was a little bit of lettuce.  The dressing was tangy and tasty.

I ordered the pastitsio.

It was pretty good.  It had a brown sauce on it which was different.  I’m used to it having some sort of marinara red sauce. It had a good overall flavor and texture. 

The dessert counter is always my downfall.  We got a piece of chocolate cake and something called a Bomb to take home.

The cake, pictured on the right was good.  It had chocolate cake with chocolate mousse layers inside, covered with a chocolate shell.  The Bomb, however, was awesome.  Wow!  It had a white creamy filling with a fudgey cake bottom and the same dark chocolate shell.  I could have eaten a few of these and still wanted more.  It’s a dessert to go back for.

Total bill ran us $30.  Loren thought it would have been better if they just made it into an actual order at your table and bring out the food in phases kind of restaurant instead of everything coming out at once.  Overall though, the food was very fresh and flavorful.  This is certainly a place we’d go back to for some quick Greek food.

Greek City Cafe
2518 SR 580, Ste C
Clearwater, FL

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