I’m beginning to think we’ll never run out of new Thai restaurants to try.  Tonight we headed over to Thai Basil in Clearwater.  There are two Thai Basil restaurants, one on East Bay and one further down on West Bay.  We were at the East Bay location. 

It was a small restaurant in a strip mall.  Typical decor for a Thai restaurant, though the music playing was a little too loud.  We were the only customers in the restaurant.  We’ve been to quite a few places lately where we’re the only ones there.  I just hope these small restaurants can survive the economy.

We started off with some egg rolls.

The wonton wrappers on these were nice and crispy.  They were definitely fresh.  The ends were a little too crispy,  but overall, they had a good flavor.

Loren ordered the chicken with ginger sauce.

It had a very appetizing aroma when it came to the table.  He said it was tasty.

I ordered the chicken pad thai minus the sprouts and peanuts. 

Yeah, it’s basically a bowl of noodles, but they were good noodles.  I especially liked the fact that the color wasn’t an unnatural looking red that you get at some places.  The chicken was a little dry though.

We were going to get the fried cheesecake, but they were out, so we ended up with a $22 bill and leftovers for tomorrow.

Thai Basil
4445 E Bay Dr
Clearwater, FL

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