The last time we ate at Bawarchi Indian Cuisine, they had a buffet.  Tonight we went back to try some of the entrees.  Several groups came in at the same time and the one waiter was completely overwhelmed.  It took a long time just to get our drink orders placed and brought to the table. 

We started off with the Onion Bhaji. 

The menu said it was dipped in a spicy batter and it wasn’t kidding.  There was quite a bit of heat going on in this dish.  The dipping sauces were sweet, but nothing could overcome the spice.

Loren ordered the Chicken Bhuna, medium spicy.

He thinks he should have gone mild on this dish.  He said it was delicious though.  Lots of interesting melded flavors.  He also said between this and the appetizer, his taste buds got all out of whack.  For some reason, anything with a hint of sweetness tasted much sweeter to him. 

I ordered the Lobster Makhani, but they were out of lobster, so I ended up with shrimp instead.

This was awesome.  I ordered it mild, but it still had such a complex array of flavors.  That’s the thing we’ve noticed most about Indian cuisine, the flavors just continue to build on one another.  And of course we had to have some garlic Naan to dip in the sauce.

Yummy Naan bread.  It was buttery and garlicy and just scrumptious dipped in the rest of my Makhani sauce.  

Our waiter never returned to our table to ask how we were doing or to refill drinks.  The food was awesome, but expect to be there for a while and don’t expect too much in the way of service.  Total bill was $40.

Bawarchi Indian Cuisine
34832 US Hwy 19
Palm Harbor, FL

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