Loren and I headed over to Consciousness Blossoms in Palm Harbor for lunch today.  It’s a small vegetarian restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch, so we figured we’d try something healthy for a change. 

I ordered a scrambled egg croissant with mozzarella cheese and it also came with potatoes.

Both the croissant and the eggs were incredibly soft and fluffy.  These have to be some of the tastiest eggs I’ve had in a while.  The potatoes were lightly seasoned and also very good.

Loren ordered a half sandwich and soup combo.  He got the black bean soup and a grilled cheese.

The black bean soup had a wonderful flavor and was very fresh.  He would have preferred that both items came out at the same time though.  Gotta love dipping a grilled cheese into some warm soup.  He’s not a fan of cole slaw in general, but I thought it was good.  It had a very unique flavor to it. 

Total lunch was $15.  It’s a peaceful little restaurant with sayings from Indian philosopher Sri Chinmoy on the walls and on the tables.

Consciousness Blossoms
3390 Tampa Road
Palm Harbor, FL

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