Had lunch at Stonechase over on Linebaugh today.  The last few times I’ve been here I’ve gotten one of the flatbreads, but decided to try something different today.

I ordered the chicken marsala.

Lots of food, but overly salted.  The marsala sauce was also very weak.  Based on taste alone, I would never have guessed it was supposed to be a marsala sauce.  The pasta was a little more al dente than I prefer too.  I think next time I’ll stick with the flatbread.

This is the BBQ flatbread my friend ordered.  She seemed pretty happy with it.  But then again, it could have just been the side order of fries she had to have.  Total lunch for the two of us was $25.

Stone Chase
12227 W Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, FL
(813) 818-8000

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