On our way home from Orlando, we stopped at Taste of Boston in Tampa for dinner.  I had read that they had whole belly clams which are one of my favorite things having grown up in New England just outside of Boston. 

It’s a small restaurant at one end of a county park.  There are some tables inside, but better seating outside.  The view was amazing to say the least as it’s right on the bay.  Unfortunately, that’s about the only amazing thing about this place.

The restaurant was very busy and they didn’t have enough help.  We had to wait at the counter while the guy running the register ran food out to the tables.  We placed our order (they weren’t making milkshakes today) and went and sat outside.  There was a guy out there playing guitar which was entertaining.  He had a couple of songs that weren’t quite appropriate given the crowd, but for the most part it was pleasant. 

We waited for our food for a very long time.  Finally, the guy behind the counter brought out the bowl of clam chowder we ordered.

The chowder was ok.  It had plenty of clams and potatoes,  but needed a bit more seasoning and needed to be at a warmer temperature.  Lukewarm chowder just doesn’t cut it.

It’s a good thing the view and the weather were so nice because we continued to wait quite a while for our food.  Loren ordered a grouper sandwich which came with fries and coleslaw.

He said the grouper was pretty good, though unevenly seasoned.  The first few bites didn’t have much flavor at all. 

I ordered the whole belly clams with sweet potato fries and coleslaw.

These were some tasteless clams.  You know when you bite into a really good Ipswich whole belly clam, and these weren’t it.  They had a good crunch, but no flavor.  The sweet potato fries were ok, but the coleslaw was terrible.  It had way too much onion in it. 

Total bill came to $34.  From now on, when I’m craving clams, I’m heading to Boston Cooker in Oldsmar.

Taste of Boston
5314 Interbay Blvd
Tampa, FL

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