Still in search of places we haven’t eaten at yet, we headed over to the Peggy O’Neill’s in Oldsmar.  It’s an Irish pub sports bar and I’m pretty sure they had at least one TV tuned to every football game playing today.

Since we’re not into sports or beer, we were there to try out the food.  We started off with a cup of lobster bisque blessed with sherry.

Yeah, that’s how the cup looked when it came to the table.  Crusty soup stuck to the inside made me think perhaps  it was placed in a microwave a bit too long.  I didn’t like it.  It tasted more like tomato soup instead of lobster bisque.  It was thick and creamy, but also started to separate a bit as Loren ate it.  The weirdest thing though, was that there was a metallic taste coming off the spoon.

Loren ordered the French dip sandwich with fries.

That was one salty sandwich.  He said it was ok.  I’m the one that usually complains about too much salt in things, but when he says something is salty, it really has a lot of salt in it.

I ordered the Irish stew and a side salad.

The stew had a really nice overall flavor, but the meat was way too tough for me.  I ate the pototoes and carrots and Loren ate some of the meat.  Some of the beef chunks were less tough than other pieces, but I’m a firm believer that if you’re making stew, it should cook until the meat is tender. 

Total bill was $26 and I doubt we’d go back.  Granted most sports bars aren’t known for their food, but we had such a great food experience at Grind House, that we were hoping other sports bars were just as good.

Peggy O’Neill’s Irish Pub & Eatery
13910 W. Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, FL

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