The last thing we expected on entering City Fish in Oldsmar tonight was to be accosted by the stench of cigarette smoke.  At first we thought we had just passed by someone who had been smoking, but sitting at our table the smell continued to permeate the air.  When we asked our waitress about it, she asked it we were smelling the oak wood they grill on.  Umm, no.  Then she turned toward the bar and said the door was open to the smoking area on the patio and she’d see if it could be closed.

Well, no such luck.  She returned and said people were going in and out of the door (which we hadn’t seen anyone go through the door), but would we like to move to another table?  If you’ve been to City Fish, you know it’s one big open room, it’s not like moving a few tables over would have resolved the issue.

We should have left at this point, but the food was good the last time we were here, so we decided to stay.  And aside from my entree, the rest of the food was actually pretty good.

The bread was hot, fresh and tasty.  You know it’s good when Loren digs in.

We ordered a bowl of the New England Crab Chowder and a side salad. 

The chowder was delish!  Creamy and thick with lots of crab in it.  Loren enjoyed the salad as well.  We also ordered a California Roll.

I wasn’t too impressed with it.  The rice wasn’t prepared very well.  It was too gooey.  Then came the entrees.  Loren ordered the swordfish with Thai mango salsa, mashed potatoes and house veggies.

He was a happy guy.  The swordfish was cooked perfectly and he ate every bite. 

The house veggies that came with both meals had squash and mushrooms in a tomato based sauce.  It was tasty.

I ordered the Chicken Portobello with mashed potatoes.

The chicken was topped with portobello mushrooms, spinach and fontina cheese.  Unfortunately, when I tried to cut into the chicken, my knife wasn’t making much of a dent.  The chicken was overcooked and tough.  By this point, I’d been breathing second hand smoke for over an hour and my patience was completely gone. 

At this point, the manager stopped by our table and we had the same conversation with him as we did with the waitress, “oh are you smelling the oak grill?”, “No, it’s the smoke from the patio”, “Would you like to move to another table?”.  He told us the door was broken between the restaurant and the patio so they couldn’t close it.  Then he asked about the food and when I told him about the chicken, he offered to replace it with something else, but I was just ready to get out of there.  He did, however, take the chicken off our bill. 

Though our waitress was good about refilling drinks and checking on us, her attitude about our complaints was a bit offputting.  She’d cock her head to the side and stick out her bottom lip and make a pouty face and spoke to me like I was a child while she was apologizing.  I know she was trying to be sincere, but it just didn’t work.

Our bill ended up at $40 after my entree was removed.  We came home and put our clothes in the laundry and took a shower to get the cigarette smoke smell off of us.  Though most of the food was good, we won’t be back again. 

City Fish Seafood Grill and Chop House
4022 Tampa Rd
Oldsmar, FL

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