It was raining and I’d been stuck in all day meetings for the last two days, so all I wanted to eat was something warm and comforting.  Today, that meant back to Amarit Thai. 

I’ve been craving some Tom Kha soup and I hadn’t tried their crab rangoons before, so that’s what I got for take out.

These were some very interesting rangoons.  They have curry in them which gave them a very unique and slightly spicy flavor.  The little bundles were full of filling too.  The soup was wonderful.  I got it with chicken and it had big mushrooms and lots of onions in it as well.  The depth of flavors were amazing. 

At $14, it seemed a bit high for soup and an appetizer, but as happy as I was afterward, it was well worth it.

Amarit Thai
328 East Lake Road
Palm Harbor, FL
(727) 789-9186

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