The last time we were at Thirsty Marlin, we got a Mexican roll appetizer and it was really good.  We went back tonight to try some of their other sushi rolls.

Loren started off with a salad.

And then we ordered a bunch of sushi because we find it impossible to order just a little bit of sushi.

The Dynamite roll had tuna, salmon, crab, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado and smelt roe.  This one was really tasty.  It had a little spicy mayo on it, but only around the middle.

The Rainbow roll was my favorite.  California Roll topped with tuna, salmon, snapper, avocado and smelt roe.  The fish on top was very fresh and very tasty.  Both the California roll and the salmon nigiri were good too.

We also got a Mexican roll because that’s what was so good the first time we had sushi here and a Key West roll.  The Mexican roll was good, but not quite as good as I remember.  The Key West roll, which was conch and avacado, was way too spicy.  The menu said nothing about spicy in the description of this roll.  We ended up leaving most of it untouched.   I popped one piece in my mouth and the heat lasted for most of the meal.  Granted, I’m wimpy when it comes to spicy, but my mouth was on fire from just one piece of this roll.

The rolls here are thicker, or maybe the rice is just denser than other places.  We were both stuffed.  Total bill was $49.  I’d definitely eat sushi here again, but I’ll avoid the Key West roll next time. 

Thirsty Marlin
1023 Florida Ave
Palm Harbor, FL

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