When we walked into Koba Sushi in Palm Harbor, our waitress guided us to a table and told us to take off our shoes before getting into the booth.   Loren had flip flops on and didn’t take them off and when she came back and didn’t see them by his seat, she told him to take them off again.  It was just funny.  For a minute there, I thought she was going to reach under the table and take them off his feet herself.

He started off with a house salad and then we ordered way too much sushi again.

First out was a veggie roll which had avacado, carrots & cucumber.  It was ok, but I think we’re so used to having fish in the rolls that it just paled in comparison.  The Arizona roll was really good.  Yellowtail, avacado, scallions and smelt roe.  It was one of my favorites of the night.  The California roll was ok. 

Next up was the Bye Bye Roll and Mexican Roll.  This was one of the most disappointing Mexican rolls I’ve had.  The batter on the shrimp wasn’t crunchy at all.  It had a mushy texture where I expected crunch.  The Bye Bye roll was tuna, salmon, smelt roe, and tempura chips.  Lots of tempura chips.  It also had a spicy mayo on it. 

The Rainbow roll was really good, especially the side with the salmon and tuna.  It also came with three different sauces, a spicy mayo, an eel sauce, and a hot sauce.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I reminded our waitress that we had also ordered some salmon nigiri.

Neither of us was really happy with the way the salmon looked, but it actually tasted good.  It had a little too much wasabi for me though.

Total bill was $50 and overall the sushi was a lot better than I had expected.  I wouldn’t order the Mexican roll again, but the rest of them were pretty tasty.

Koba Sushi
3428 Tampa Rd
Palm Harbor, FL
(727) 772-5622

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