Ok, silly me, when I saw other reviews raving about the goat cheese cheesecake at Logan’s Bistro, I just assumed it was a dessert cheesecake.  I thought it sounded interesting, that the goat cheese would give it a very unique flavor. 

I was on my way out of Orlando and decided to stop by and get a piece to go.  Imagine my surprise when they handed me my take out order and it was served with toasted bread, a pesto sauce, tomatoes and garlic and some olive oil.

Once I got over my disppointment at not having my sugar craving quenched, I was pleasantly surprised at the burst of flavors from the cheesecake.  It makes an excellent appetizer, but for $9 seemed a bit pricey. 

Logan’s Bistro
802 Virginia Drive
Orlando, FL
(407) 898-5688

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