My sister and I meet up every year in Orlando in July to exchange birthday gifts since our birthdays are only a few days apart (8 years & a few days) and we usually try to find a play or something to do.  This year, she chose “The Little Red Riding Hood Show” at the Shakespeare theater.  Yeah, it was a kid’s show and we were probably the only ones there without kids, but it was still pretty funny.  The kids in the audience were hilarious.

Before the show, we ate lunch at the Greek Corner on Orange Ave.  It was a quaint little restaurant that had a nice patio as well as seating inside.  It was too hot to be outside today, so we chose the dining room. 

My sister asked if they had sweet tea and our waiter said they didn’t, but he could make her some.  I don’t find it often that a waiter will go through the trouble of making something special, but he did and she said the tea was good.

We started off with the spinach artichoke dip.

This was a very unique take on this dish.  Any place else I’ve had it, it’s usually chunky, but this was completely smooth as if it had been through the blender.  It had a lemon-garlic taste to it more than spinach artichoke.  It was tasty and the pita bread that came with it was fresh and yummy.

We both ordered gyros, mine with rice and hers with a Greek salad.

The rice was bland, but the gyro was very flavorful.  The tzatziki sauce was creamy and garlicy, but not overwhelming.  There was a lot of meat on the pita, so much so, that I was only able to eat half of it.  My sister ended up taking the salad home since it was just too much food.   Total bill was about $30.  Based on all the other plates I saw served, I don’t think anyone leaves here hungry.

Greek Corner
1600 N Orange Ave
Orlando, FL
(407) 228-0303

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