We went back to Pico Rojo tonight because we had a $10 coupon only to find out they’re no longer accepting any coupons. 

We ordered the whole chicken meal which came with 4 sides.

The rice and beans were good, the fried cheese, not so much.  It was rubbery and didn’t have any flavor whatsoever.

I liked the cole slaw, it had a nice tangy flavor.  I didn’t like the plantains though.  They were kind of tough.  The chicken, however, was as good as we remembered it from the last time we were here.  It has a nice texture and flavor.  And we also had to get the chicken empanadas.

This is just one of the tastiest empanadas around.  So many different flavors going on inside.   Total dinner was $30, but we had quite a bit of leftovers.

Pico Rojo
2475 McMullen Booth Rd, Ste E
Clearwater, FL

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