So, when I brought my sushi back to the office for lunch today, one of my co-workers mentioned that he likes the sushi at Samurai Blue on Racetrack Road. 

Since sushi is one of those foods I enjoy eating again and again, we went ahead and went out there tonight for dinner.   The restaurant is at the end of a strip mall.  I never even knew it was there.

We started off with some blue crab rangoons. 

I had mixed feelings on this dish.  It absolutely had good flavor, the shells were crispy and the sauce was tangy and a little spicy.  The problem was the rangoons were mostly empty.  The first one I ate had some filling, but the others had the flavor of cream cheese and crab, but there was nothing inside of them.  I don’t know if they didn’t seal them enough before deep frying and the filling leaked out or what, but I expect a rangoon to actually have filling inside of them.

We ordered a bunch of sushi because we like to try different things.

I don’t remember which one this was.    Maybe the Samurai Roll?  It was done tempura style with avacado and tuna I think.  I should have grabbed one of the sushi menus.  The glass had what tasted like a soy sauce/teriyaki sauce mixture.  It was ok, not my favorite though.  I didn’t like the tempura on the outside of the roll that much.

This was my favorite roll, the  Lobster tempura.  It was amazing, plus had a sweet sauce on the plate that I ended up dipping all of my other sushi in.  I would definitely go back for this one.

We also got a Florida roll, a Mexican roll, a Rainbow roll, some salmon nigiri and a Geisha roll which was sweet potato and avacado.  The sweet potato needed to be cooked a little more.  It was a bit too crunchy. 

For the most part, the rolls were good and the presentation was attractive.   However, there were some rolls that had unripe avacado in them.  It was hard as a rock and had no flavor whatsoever.  I love avacado and this was so disappointing.  I had to take it out of the rolls because it was inedible.  There’s just no excuse for that, it’s not like it’s hard to tell if an avacado is not ripe. 

It was definitely not a cheap meal, $66 total.  Granted I do have some leftovers for tomorrow.  I don’t think we’ll be rushing to go back anytime soon.  There are better, less expensive sushi places around.

Samurai Blue
12950 Racetrack Road
Tampa, FL
(813) 341-6688

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