We had eaten Pierogis once before at a restaurant in Dunedin (it’s no longer there), so when I saw the Pierogi Grill in Clearwater, I knew we had to try it out.

From the decor, you’d never guess it was a polish restaurant.  It’s all done up in pyraminds and Egyptian art.  They also have a European store inside. 

We ordered an appetizer, but the waitress either didn’t hear me or forgot because we never got it.  Not like we really needed it though.

We both ordered the same thing, the sausage with 6 pierogis.  It also came with sauerkraut which neither of us really likes, or so we thought.  It was actually pretty tasty.  Loren has officially taken sauerkraut off his list of “do not eat” foods.  The sausage was really good, it had a nice texture and flavor.  I ordered mine with the potato and cheddar pierogies and Loren got the spinach and pork.  His were definitely better.  They had a lot more flavor than the potato and cheddar.  They had butter and onions on them, but I think they could have used more. 

We should have just called it a night here, but instead I asked the waitress what was the best of the dessert pierogies.  She said strawberry without hesitation, so we figured they must be good. 

Wow, were we wrong.  They were completely inedible.  They use the same dough as the other pierogies and the filling had no sweetness whatsoever.  They were so bland and doughy.  Not even whipped cream could salvage them.  The waitress asked how we liked them and I told her how bad they were.  She admitted that she had just tried them for the first time that week and had doused hers in powdered sugar because there was no sweetness to them.  She thankfully took them off the bill, so we ended up with a $25 dinner. 

Go for the food, but go somewhere else for dessert.

Pierogi Grill
1535 Gulf to Bay Blvd
Clearwater, FL

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