Having not satisfied our Mexican food craving from Friday night, we headed out to Los Mayas in Clearwater.  This used to be a Los Mariachis, but they changed the name.

Started off with some chips and salsa.

The chips were fresh, warm and crispy.  They definitely didn’t taste like they’d been sitting around for too long. 

I ordered the Pollo en Crema (Mayan Style).

It didn’t have a lot of flavor, but it was still pretty good.  The chicken was cooked with onions and mushrooms and it came with some tortillas and refried beans. 

Loren ordered the carnitas.

Plenty of big chunks of fried pork, plus rice, beans, onions, jalepenos, guacamole and tortillas to wrap it all in. He had plenty of leftovers for tomorrow too.  For $25, this was much better than what we had Friday night. 

Los Mayas
1200 Cleveland St
Clearwater, FL

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