I’d heard some good things about Ozona Blue Oceanside, so since we were in Palm Harbor this afternoon, we decided to go check it out for dinner.  We parked at the marina next door since we didn’t want to hand over our keys to the valet. 

The hostess asked us if we wanted to sit outside or inside and since it was hot and humid, we figured inside with air conditioning was the way to go.  Well, it would have been if there had been an adequate amount of air conditioning flowing inside.  It was not comfortable in there at all.  It was also loud, so I was winding myself up to really not like it here.

But, then came the food.  We started with some she-crab soup.

It was really good.  It had lots of crab meat in it and a nice delicate flavor.  Then came the bread basket.

Sigh… soft, warm bread with a flavorful oil to dip it in.  I couldn’t stop eating it; then our salads arrived.

We both got the avacado ranch dressing which had a good flavor to it.  The salad had fresh greens, tomato, onions and artichokes in it.

They had several specials tonight and Loren ordered the Mahi Mediterrean.

This was a big piece of fish with feta, tomatos, and mushrooms in a light tomato sauce.  He got the rice and beans for his side dish.  He really enjoyed it and even had some leftovers for tomorrow.

I went for one of their other specials, the mixed grill with filet, shrimp and scallops with a side of slaw.

The filet was very tender.  The shrimp and scallops were both cooked well, though I did find the scallops to be a little gritty.  I kept tasting something a little spicy in the rice, but I have no idea what it was. 

Overall, the food was very good, expensive, but good.  Our waiter looked like a young Ben Affleck and he managed to keep drinks filled and plates cleared.  If it hadn’t been for the lack of air conditioning and the noise level, this would have been a wonderful experience.  Total bill was $59.

Ozona Blue Oceanside
125 Orange St
Palm Harbor, FL

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