When all I’ve brought for lunch is a sandwich, it doesn’t take much to convince me to go out for lunch.  Loren likes Andy’s on the Bay and since they’re only open during the week for lunch, I suggested we head over there.

Andy’s is a small cafeteria style restaurant that’s usually very crowded at lunchtime.  I was surprised there weren’t more people in there today.  The name is a bit confusing, since the restaurant isn’t on the water.  Instead it’s located in an industrial neighborhood in Oldsmar.

I decided to try the chicken today and Loren got some pork with rice and beans.

The chicken was a bit dry.  The pork was really good and tender.  I should know better than to order anything except the pork.  I think this is Loren’s favorite place to get rice and beans.  For $11, it’s a cheap, quick lunch.

Andy’s on the Bay
472 East Douglas
Oldsmar, FL

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