My sister and I meet up every year for the Fringe Festival in Orlando and Brian’s Restaurant is our stop for breakfast. 

It’s a little diner on Orange Ave near the festival and I found it a few years ago because it claimed to have the best sweet buns in town. 

These are pretty good, but I have to say, they were better when we first started coming here a few years ago.  The last couple times I’ve been, the buns were a lot drier and didn’t seem as fresh. 

We ordered some breakfast, I got some eggs with toast & hashbrowns, she got an order of hashbrowns and my niece and her boyfriend shared some eggs and a Belgium waffle.  I had sweet bun frosting on my fingers so I didn’t take any other photos. Everything was cooked well and the total bill was $16, so it’s definitely a cost effective place to eat breakfast.  Our waitress was nice, in fact I think we’ve had the same waitress every time we’ve been there. 

It’s a good little restaurant to get a quick, inexpensive breakfast.

Brian’s Restaurant
1409 North Orange Ave
Orlando, FL

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