On the quest for new restaurants to try, I often check to see what’s rated high on Urbanspoon.  Tum Rub Thai in Palm Harbor had a high rating from users, so we decided to give it a taste.

It’s located in a strip mall that I didn’t even realize was there on US 19 N.  It’s set back from the road, so I’ve never seen the restaurant from the highway. The decor is like many of the Thai restaurants in town.  I even commented that it looked just like the Thai restaurant close to our house.

We started with the Fried Thai Spring Rolls.

They were nice and crispy with a good pork flavor.  They also had sort of a sour flavor which could have been from the dried mushrooms.  The dipping sauce was very sweet.  The only issue was that some of the ends were burnt.  They should have been taken out of the fryer a little quicker.

We both decided to get some soup.  Loren got the Chicken Rice soup and I got the Tom Kha Gai (chicken in cream of coconut soup with straw mushrooms, onions, scallions, and flavored with galangal, lemon grass, and ma-goot leaf).

The chicken rice soup was similar to other restaurants.  Completely mild, but had a nice flavor.

The Tom Kha Gai had a strong lemon flavor, almost a sweetness, but it had a little spiciness too.  I didn’t like the onions in it though.  They were too large to scoop on the spoon and also had too strong of a flavor.  It just didn’t meld well with the lemon/coconut.

Loren ordered the Nam Sod salad which had ground pork mixed with ginger, peanuts, onions, and bell peppers with a spicy lemon dressing.

He said it was good, definitely had some spice, but that the onions were too strong.  I think they were the same onions that were in my soup.

I ordered the Mud Sa Mon (yellow curry, coconut milk, potatoes, bell peppers, carrots, peanuts and onions), served with Jasmine rice.

This is the same type of dish I ordered at the Thai Thai restaurant in Hawaii, but luckily this one wasn’t as spicy.  It had some complex flavors in it and was quite enjoyable.  I should have ordered it without the peanuts though.  I just don’t like the crunch of peanuts in an otherwise smooth dish.

For $32, it was a great way to start our weekend.

Tum Rub Thai Restaurant
32716 US Highway 19 North
Palm Harbor, FL

Tum Rub Thai on Urbanspoon