We were walking to a different restaurant in Dunedin for dinner, but saw Caracara and decided to try it instead. It’s an Asian Tapas & Taco restaurant that’s been open for about 3 weeks now. They had both indoor and outdoor seating and since it was a beautiful spring evening, we sat outside.

The menu is meant to be shared so we ordered three different things, the wild mushroom dumplings, the chicken sandwich, and the sticky pork ribs.

The mushroom dumplings were tasty little pockets of goodness in a flavorful sauce.

The chicken sandwich was my favorite of the three things we ordered. It was tender with a crunchy coating and had lettuce, avocado and a tasty mayo like spread on it. It also came with a small salad.

The sticky pork ribs had a hoisen type glaze on them. I would have liked them to be a little more tender, but they were easy to get off the bone and the glaze had just the right amount of sweetness.

When the waitress asked if there was anything else we wanted, we asked if there were any desserts on the menu. She said the chef, who is also a pastry chef, hadn’t come up with a dessert menu yet, but she’d go ask. Then she came out with this.

She said it was complimentary as the chef was trying out ideas and wanted opinions on the dessert. It was a take on a tiramisu, but with tea instead of coffee. It was creamy and had a very subtle Asian tea flavor to it. The orange part in the middle was tea soaked lady fingers with some crunchy lady fingers sprinkled on top. It was light and tasty, but our comment back to the chef was to add some sort of fresh fruit as another element and she agreed that maybe some fresh mango would go well with it.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable meal. The restaurant’s located on Broadway just off of Main Street in downtown Dunedin. I have a feeling they’re still working out the menu, so there may be different items to try next time we go back. Total bill with a drink was $46.

730 Broadway St
Dunedin, FL

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