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Went for a quick lunch at the Cop Shop after an early movie.  It wasn’t very crowded for a Sunday afternoon, must not be any major sporting events going on right now.  I saw chili & cheese on the menu and decided to try it for an appetizer.


In my head, it was going to served as one dish with the chili & cheese mixed together instead of two separate dips.  We ended up mixing them together anyway, but overall, it probably isn’t something I’d order again.  It would have been nice if it had come out well before our entrees instead of minutes before.  Loren got some garlic wings.


You could smell the garlic when they came to the table, but he said they weren’t overly spiced. The wings are a good size here, so 5 is plenty for a meal.  I got a cheeseburger with sweet potato fries.


It was pretty good.  The burger had a nice flavor to it, but with the fries and chips, I ended up taking half of it home.   Service was a bit iffy today.  Our waitress kept disappearing.  Total bill with a drink was $25.

The Cop Shop
3780 Tampa Road
Oldsmar, FL

Oldsmar Cop Shop on Urbanspoon


We wandered around Park Ave in Winter Park for a while and then decided to get some dessert at the Briarpatch.  They were out of cheesecake and I wasn’t hungry enough to get one of their huge pieces of cake, so I went for a hot fudge brownie sundae and my sister settled on some key lime pie.

Mine looks yummier, doesn’t it?  She said the key lime pie was very good though.  Fresh and homemade, just like the brownie and ice cream in my sundae.  They make some really good desserts here.  Next time, I’m going to have to try some of that cake.

Total bill with a lemonade and some tea was $19.  Our waitress was also great.  Always had a smile on her face and she was very attentive.

Briarpatch Restaurant
252 N Park Ave
Winter Park, FL
(407) 628-8651

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Met my sister in Winter Park today for the annual birthday gift exchange.  Our birthdays are 5 days apart, so since she lives on the east coast of Florida and me on the west, we usually meet in the middle. We ate lunch at Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen.

I was craving some crawfish etouffee.

It was ok, not spicy at all.  I guess I like the version at the Cajun Cafe in Pinellas Park so much, that any etouffee that differs significantly from that just doesn’t satisfy the craving.  It had a nice blend of flavors, but overall just seemed a bit too mellow.

My sister ordered the chicken gumbo and half a muffuletta sandwich.

She was a bit surprised at how big half a sandwich was.  She enjoyed both items though.  Said she preferred black olives instead of the green that were on this sandwich, but that it was still tasty.  Needless to say, half of the half went home with her.  Total bill with a drink was $30.

Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen
2203 Aloma Ave
Winter Park, FL
(407) 672-5753

Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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  • The last time we were at the Dunedin Marina, we noticed the Old Bay Cafe had opened up.  Since it’s owned by the guy who owned Walt’s Seasonal Cuisine, we had high hopes for a tasty meal, now with a beautiful view of the bay.

    The biggest issue with opening an outdoor cafe by the marina is the fishy smell.  More often than not, the wind blew an unpleasant smell to our table.  The menu is very small; salads, soups, and sandwiches mostly.  We both started off with some soup, the mushroom brie bisque and the shrimp & corn chowder.

    Though both soups had a pretty good flavor, I didn’t feel that the temperature was right.  Mine just wasn’t warm enough.  I also thought the shrimp in the chowder were a little overcooked.

    Loren ordered the Dunedin salad with salmon.

    He said the salmon was good, but the dressing on the salad had no flavor whatsoever.  I ordered the crab cake sandwich.

    This was a little difficult to eat as the ciabatta bread was very thick and so was the crab cake.  The crab cake had a nice flavor to it and it’s mostly crab.  When the bill came, I just couldn’t reconcile $40 with what we had eaten.  Yes, the food was fresh and for the most part pretty good, but the cost still just seemed high for two soups, a salad, sandwich and an iced tea.  I felt like the pricing was upscale for a cafe that has a very casual feel about it.  We’ve also had some other meals recently for half the price, a lot more food, and those experiences left our taste buds just as happy.

    Olde Bay Cafe
    51 Main St
    Dunedin, FL

    Olde Bay Cafe & Dunedin Fish Market on Urbanspoon

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  • We both like Johnny’s Italian Restaurant in Clearwater, but they’re usually so crowded that we don’t eat there very often.  Today, we managed to get there after the lunch crowd, but before the dinner crowd, so the restaurant wasn’t very busy at all.

    Bring on the Johnny bread.

    I think this is one of the only restaurants where Loren eats almost as much bread as I do.   It’s got that perfect crust, texture and flavor and their dipping oil is beyond garlicy.  We ended up asking for a second loaf.

    Loren got a salad and I got the New England Clam Chowder.

    The soup was ok, but not the best chowder I’ve ever had.  For his entree, Loren ordered the Special Calzone which had a little bit of everything inside.

    He liked it and it was way bigger than he could eat in one sitting, so half came home for leftovers.  I got the chicken marsala which came with a side of fettucine alfredo.

    This was also too much food for me (ok, maybe we shouldn’t have gotten that second loaf of bread).  I really like their fettucine alfredo.  The chicken was tender and the marsala sauce had a decent flavor, though I would have liked more of it on the plate.  Since we were able to order off the early bird menu, the total bill with a drink was only $24 and we both had leftovers.  We’ll just have to remember Sunday afternoons around 3pm is the perfect time to come by.

    Johnny’s Italian Restaurant
    2907 SR 590 #1
    Clearwater, FL

    Johnny's Italian on Urbanspoon

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