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Had lunch at Little Greek in Palm Harbor today.  Normally I get a gyro, but decided to try something different so I ordered the moussaka which came with soup or salad.  I opted for the lemon soup.

I’ve tried the Greek lemon soup at several places, and this one’s pretty good.  It’s not so tart that you pucker when you eat it.  It has just the right amount of lemon flavor and the rice was cooked to a good texture as well.

The moussaka had great flavor, but not a lot of curb appeal.

The bechamel sauce had a grey tinge to it.  It just didn’t look good, but it tasted great.  I liked that they served the sauce on the side, so the dish didn’t get buried in it.  The rice wasn’t cooked enough for me. 

Loren ordered the lite chicken souvlaki with Greek salad.

He really enjoyed it.  The chicken was tender and had good flavors.  We really got a lot of food for $20. 

Little Greek
320 East Lake Road
Palm Harbor, FL

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  • We’ve been craving burgers for a while now, so we headed over to Pete & Shorty’s on Gulf to Bay.  It’s been quite a while since we’ve eaten here.  The parking lot was full, but the dining area didn’t have a lot of people in it.  They were either in the bar area or out on the deck with the live music.

    We both ordered the mushroom swiss burger with some onion straws and some tater tots.  While we were waiting for our food to arrive, we watched the fireworks in Clearwater.

    I was a happy camper.  The burgers were tasty, cooked a nice medium, and the onion straws and tater tots were yummy too.  I think this is one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time.  Total bill was $20 and our burger craving had been satisfied deliciously.

    Pete & Shorty’s Tavern
    2820 Gulf to Bay Blvd
    Clearwater, FL
    (727) 799-0580

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    Tasty BBQ

    The first time we tried to go to Georgia Boy’s BBQ in Oldsmar, they were closed, but we finally made it out there today for lunch.  This is definitely one of those hole-in-the-wall BBQ joints.  There’s no seating inside and one picnic table out front, so plan to get your BBQ to go. 

    The owner offered us a taste of the pulled pork when we walked in.  It had a nice BBQ flavor and I ended up getting the pulled pork sandwich and some potato salad.

    He definitely piled on the pork, but I should have told him to go lightly on the sauce.  He drenched the sandwich.  I ended up having to eat it with a fork because there was no way to pick it up without wearing the sauce.  I really liked the potato salad too. 

    Loren got a half rack of ribs and a side of collard greens.  He went for the spicy sauce, which wasn’t really spicy, but more tangy.

    The ribs were really tender and flavorful.  I would definitely order those again.  He said the collards weren’t anything special, but let’s face it, it’s not about the sides, it’s about the meat.  For $20, this is probably one of the best BBQ meals we’ve had in a while.

    Georgia Boy’s BBQ
    205 E St Petersburg Dr
    Oldsmar, FL
    (813) 854-4498

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  • The first thing we noticed when we sat down in a booth at Athenian Garden was that the table height was not quite right.  Either Greek folks are way taller than we are or someone just wanted lots of room to be able to clean under the booths.  It was funny because another customer came in after us and sat down at a booth and said she felt like a little kid getting to sit at the grown up table. 

    I started out with some shrimp bisque and bread.

    The bread was fresh and had a great texture, the only thing that would have improved it is if it had been warm.  The bisque was very tasty.  Not a lot of shrimp in it, but it had a unique blend of flavors.  We ended up dipping the bread in the soup and it was awesome.  I did feel as though the soup needed to be served at a higher temperature.  It was luke warm at best.

    Greek salads came with both our entrees.

    I would definitely recommend the salad.  The dressing was tangy, but not overwhelming.  I really liked the potato salad on it and it had lots of feta and veggies as well.

    Then came the entrees.  Loren ordered the stuffed tomato and pepper.

    Unfortunately, the entrees didn’t live up to our expectations based on the salad and soup.  It was pretty bland.  He said the stuffed tomato was better than the pepper.  The sauce didn’t have a lot of flavor and the mixture inside just wasn’t very flavorful.

    I ordered the pastitsio and it also didn’t impress.

    Again, the meat mixture inside was just very bland.  Most pastitsio dishes I’ve had usually have a hint of nutmeg in them, something to differentiate it from just plain ol’ pasta and cheese.  This had nothing.  The sauce was fairly bland and the dish was just lacking.  I think there was just so much flavor in the Greek Salad that we expected everything to have that burst of flavors.

    For $27, we definitely got plenty of food.  If we go back again, we’ll try some other dishes, but we’d definitely get the salad again.

    Athenian Garden
    12670 Starkey Rd
    Largo, FL
    (727) 518-8888

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  • Quick Lunch

    It was raining and I’d been stuck in all day meetings for the last two days, so all I wanted to eat was something warm and comforting.  Today, that meant back to Amarit Thai. 

    I’ve been craving some Tom Kha soup and I hadn’t tried their crab rangoons before, so that’s what I got for take out.

    These were some very interesting rangoons.  They have curry in them which gave them a very unique and slightly spicy flavor.  The little bundles were full of filling too.  The soup was wonderful.  I got it with chicken and it had big mushrooms and lots of onions in it as well.  The depth of flavors were amazing. 

    At $14, it seemed a bit high for soup and an appetizer, but as happy as I was afterward, it was well worth it.

    Amarit Thai
    328 East Lake Road
    Palm Harbor, FL
    (727) 789-9186

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