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We had a $25 off if you order $50 at Fuji Yama in Seminole so off we went in search of sushi.

It’s a small restaurant and wasn’t very busy for a Friday night.  It’s located in a strip mall.   Loren started off with a ginger salad.

Then we ordered lots of sushi.

I admit, I always order too much sushi because I just want to try lots of different things.  We got 2 pieces of salmon and my usual California roll and Mexican roll.  We also got a Cosmo roll: snow crab, scallop, tuna, avacado inside topped w/ salmon, escolar, tuna, roe and sauce; a Norway roll: Tuna, avacado, snowcrab inside topped w/ salmon, sauce, and roe; a Tony roll: Tuna, avacado, cream cheese topped w/ roe, sriracha sauce; and a Lobster roll.

Overall, the sushi was good, but not spectacular.  The “sauce” that was drizzled over some of the rolls was too overpowering.  You couldn’t really taste much else.  The rice didn’t have any flavor to it, the Nori was difficult to bite through, and Loren thought the eel sauce tasted like maple syrup. 

The Tony roll which we thought was going to be spicy, wasn’t spicy at all and the Norway roll which I didn’t anticipate being spicy was.   

After the $25 coupon, it still cost us $70.  Granted, I ordered at least one roll too many and we do have leftovers for later, but there wasn’t anything about the meal that would tempt me to go back again.

Fuji Yama Sushi Bar and Thai Cuisine
7570 Starkey Road
Seminole, FL

Fuji Yama on Urbanspoon

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  • Sushi Friday

    We were actually heading to Fish Tail Willie’s since the power went out the last time we tried to eat there, but it looked mobbed this time, so we ended up at Jo-To Japanese Restaurant in the same shopping center.

    We’d eaten at Jo-To before, but forgot that their entrance is around back by the lake.  It really is an odd set up.  Anyway, they weren’t busy when we got there, so it was a nice quiet dinner.

    Loren started out with a salad and I ordered the fried oyster appetizer.

    The oysters were really tasty.  The crispy batter on them was excellent.  The only downside was that I should have let them cool a bit before biting into the first one.  I burned my tongue pretty well on the hot juices that flowed out.  It came with a tasty BBQ sauce to dip them in. 

    We decided to order sushi.

    From the top, we got a Tekka tuna roll, a Rainbow roll, a California roll, a Mexican roll, a Spider roll, and some salmon.

    They don’t have a wide variety of sushi, but their prices are very reasonable.  The Mexican roll was really good.  The avacado in the California roll wasn’t as fresh as it should have been, but overall, the roll had a nice flavor.  The Spider roll was good, but the claws sticking out of it were pretty funny looking.  Loren enjoyed the Rainbow roll, I’m just not a fan of smoked salmon.  He ate the salmon and Tekka as well. 

    For $45 we got 5 rolls, two pieces of salmon, an appetizer, salad and drink.   Is it the best sushi we’ve ever eaten?  No, but the restaurant has a nice atmosphere and the waitstaff is extremely polite.  We were both quite full by the time we rolled ourselves out of there.

    Jo-To Japanese Restaurant
    2549 Countryside Blvd
    Clearwater, FL

    Joto Japanese on Urbanspoon

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  • Another Friday, another decision on where to go for lunch.  Decided it was a good day for sushi, so we headed over to Sakura Japanese Restaurant in Oldsmar.  It’s in the little plaza in front of the Lowe’s in Oldsmar.  I think they opened in December 2009.

    They have a good deal for lunch, any 2 rolls on the lunch menu for $8.99 or 3 rolls for $11.99 plus soup and salad. 

    They serve a miso soup.  Unfortunately, neither of us really like the taste of it.  The salad had a nice ginger dressing on it though.


    We got a 2 roll and 3 roll lunch to split between us.  A California Roll, Salmon and Avacado, Salmon and Cucumber, Spicy Tuna, and a Shrimp and Cucumber roll.   The shrimp roll was the only one that wasn’t very good.  The shrimp had no flavor whatsoever.  Like it had been boiled or something.  Just a very bland roll.  The rest of the rolls were pretty tasty.  I love fresh avacado and the salmon had good flavor too.

    They have some other lunch specials as well.  A Bento box with soup or salad, vegetable egg roll, California roll and white rice for $8.99 and a Japanese curry for $8.50.  They also have about 30 special rolls on their menu, ranging from $8.00 to $13.99 each. 

    Total for our lunch today was $22.


    Sakura Japanese Restaurant
    13823 W. Hillsborough Ave
    Tampa, FL

    Sakura Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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