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We ate dinner at Fratelli Italian Restaurant in Oldsmar tonight because we had a coupon.  The restaurant was pretty busy.  We hadn’t been back in a while and unfortunately this time, we didn’t find the food to be as good as it had been in the past.

Our waitress seemed a bit scattered.  She came to get our drink order, but forgot to leave us menus and had to come back to the table after we ordered to verify some things.

We started off with the stuffed mushrooms.

They had a sausage stuffing and were covered in mozzarella cheese.  They were rather dense and had no depth of flavor.  We’ve had stuffed mushrooms at other places where we fight over the last one, but that wasn’t the case here.

Our entrees came with soup or salad, so Loren got the salad and I got a cup of the pasta fagioli.

The pasta is always overcooked in their pasta fagioli.  It’s like mush.  The soup itself has some good flavors, but the texture isn’t quite right. The garlic bread was ok.

Our entrees showed up before either of us had finished our soup and salad.  I hate it when a restaurant doesn’t get timing right.  Loren ordered the chicken francese for his entree.  It came with pasta and had a lemon wine sauce.

This is where the lack of seasoning became very apparent.  You could taste lemon, but that was about it.  It desparately needed some salt and pepper.  It was a fairly big portion though and we ended up with leftovers of both our entrees.  I ordered the chicken marsala because I really liked it the last time I had it here.

This was not the same recipe I had last time.  The sauce in this dish wasn’t thickened at all.  It was watery and lacked seasoning.  I was very disappointed as I remembered how tasty it was the last time.  We also got a piece of cheesecake to go.

It was creamy, but really not anything to write home about.  The whole experience was just a bit disappointing.  Between lackluster service and under seasoned food, it just didn’t leave either of us with the desire to come back anytime soon.  Total bill after the $25 coupon and included tip was $24.

Fratelli Italian Restaurant and Bar
120 Commerce Blvd, Ste 1
Oldsmar, FL

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We actually wanted Thai food for dinner tonight, but the place we were headed was closed on Sundays, so we ended up at Chef Li for Chinese food instead.

Loren got the kung po chicken and I got the sweet & sour shrimp.

I think I’ll stick with the sweet and sour chicken instead of the shrimp.  There was just too much breading on the shrimp and some of them had a recently frozen taste.  Loren liked his dish though.  Total bill with a drink was $23.

Chef Li
4013 Tampa Rd, Ste 20
Oldsmar, FL

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  • Poor Service

    Went to lunch at Eastlake Cafe today.  I will never understand how a restaurant this small can have such poor service.  Once the plates are cleared away (by another waitress, mind you),  don’t you think that should send a signal that we’d like our check?

    The French dip and fries were ok, but not worth the hassle and honestly not worth the $9.58 total.

    I keep trying to like this restaurant, but every time we come here, I walk away thinking I shouldn’t go back.  I had planned on ordering a dessert to go, but figured since we’d already been there over an hour, it wasn’t worth the time to try to order it.

    Eastlake Cafe
    3430 Eastlake Rd
    Palm Harbor, FL

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  • Another order of masitas and a mahi cuban and a tasty $20 lunch is had by all.  Yeah, we eat here a lot.  Believe it or not, I don’t even post all the times we eat here.

    Cuban Breezes
    13980 W Hillsborough Ave
    Tampa, FL

    Cuban Breezes on Urbanspoon

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  • We went over to Salsa’s Mexican Restaurant for lunch today.  They’re really good about getting food out fast.  They dropped off chips and salsa.  Loren said it’s gotten better, but still lacks that burst of fresh flavors that he’s gotten in other salsas.

    He ordered the lunch chicken fajitas.  He asked the waiter if it came with guacamole and he said yes, but of course when it came to the table, it didn’t have any.  The waiter did rectify the situation quickly though.  It seems they still need to get more familiar with their own menu.

    I ordered the Cancun Chimichanga.  It’s a shrimp chimi and though the shell wasn’t crispy enough, it did have pretty good flavors.  The refried beans had a little bit of a smoky flavor to them today.


    Total bill with a drink was $19.

    Salsas Mexican Restaurant
    3970 Tampa Road
    Oldsmar, FL

    Salsas Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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