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So Salty

We had lunch at Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Westchase today.  Loren tried the hot pastrami sandwich and I went for the brats & mash.

He really liked all the flavors in the sandwich.  He said even though some of the ingredients are things he wouldn’t normally eat, together they all melded to make a well balanced sandwich.   The red beans & rice are his favorite side dish here.   The brats & mash were tasty, but as with most things I’ve ever eaten here, the salt content is way too high.  It tastes great at first and then my tongue feels over saturated with salt.  I don’t know if it’s done purposely to get people to order more beer, but for me it’s just too much.  Total bill with a drink was $21.

Tampa Bay Brewing Co
13927 Monroe Business Park
Tampa, FL

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Big Rolls

We were in Oldsmar and noticed another new sushi restaurant, Oishi Sushi on the corner of Tampa Road & Forest Lakes.  The restaurant had a modern feel to it and was pleasantly quiet.   They had a big list of sushi rolls and we ordered some salmon, a Mexican Roll, Rainbow Roll, Atom Bomb, Tuna Garlic, and a Lobster roll.

The specialty rolls were all 10 pieces and a good size as well.  The fish was all very fresh and tasty.  The Atom bomb wasn’t overly spicy and the Mexican roll and lobster roll both had a good crunch.  Overall, it was one of the better sushi experiences we’ve had recently.  The only downside was the bill.  Good sushi ain’t cheap.  Total bill was $74.

Oishi Sushi & Thai
3705 Tampa Road, Ste 3
Oldsmar, FL

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  • Sushi Lunch

    Went over to Hot Tuna in Oldsmar for some sushi.  They have a 2 rolls & salad or soup for $9.99 deal, so we got two of them plus some fresh tuna & some gyoza.

    I love me some dumplings and these were tasty.  We could have easily eaten another plate of them.

    The lunch special rolls are pretty plain.  We got some spicy tuna, gator roll, Mexican roll and a California roll.  They were all tasty.  Total will with a drink was $35.

    Hot Tuna Sushi Bar & Grille
    3689 Tampa Road #302B
    Oldsmar, FL

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  • This is Why

    Yes, we eat at Craft Street Kitchen a lot.  The reason why?  They’re always coming up with new & flavorful specials so the menu never gets stale.  Today was no exception.  While I ordered an Angry Pig sandwich off of the regular menu, Loren tried the new Capone Sandwich off the specials board and he wasn’t disappointed.

    Thin strips of beef cooked out back on the smoker, with cheese and pickled vegetables giardiniera that had been soaking for 3 days.  We were told that the chef wouldn’t even let anyone touch those veggies until the three days were up.  This sandwich had a little bit of everything going on.  Sweet, salty, spicy, smokey, tangy, tenderness, & crunch.  What more could a person ask for?

    The Angry pig is no slouch either when it comes to sandwiches.  Mojo Braised Pork, Apple Slaw, Fried Pickles, and Angry Orchard BBQ Sauce.  It’s tender with a little bit of spicy going on.  Alongside an order of sweet potato tots and I’m one happy gal.  Total bill with a drink was $32.

    Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks
    3153 Curlew Rd
    Oldsmar, FL

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  • Burgers

    Da Burger Joint recently opened up in Oldsmar in the space where Nosh Cafe was located.  We ordered at the counter and took a seat to wait for our food.  The first thing we noticed as soon as they started cooking our food was the smell of greasy smoke thick in the air.  Considering we were the only ones there, I can’t even imagine being able to sit in there after a bunch of food starts getting cooked.  They need to invest in a better ventilation system sooner rather than later.

    Loren ordered the Pig & Cow burger, I went for the Get Ova Here burger and we split a side of panko breaded onion rings.

    Loren & I disagreed about this whole meal.  He liked the flavor of his burger with it’s BBQ pork bits on it.  I didn’t like the texture of the onion rings and  I found the burger to be flavorless and way too greasy & sloppy to even pick up & eat.  Perhaps some cheese or condiments would have made it better, but on its own, it didn’t measure up to other burger places in the area.  Nothing about the experience made me think we need to try it again.  Total bill with a drink was $22.

    Da Burger Joint
    4058 Tampa Rd
    Oldsmar, FL

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