Loren flew in to Vegas today & we went to dinner with a friend of ours at a restaurant I saw on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, Forte Tapas Bar & Bistro.  I made reservations, but there wasn’t anyone else in the restaurant, so I’m thinking the hype from the show must have worn off by now.  But, then again, it is a Wednesday, so who knows.   It’s a little dive kinda place, kind of quirky, nothing fancy.  We started off with some stuffed grape leaves and bread.

The stuffed grape leaves had some wonderful flavors.  Loren especially liked the sauce on them.  He actually kept the plate to dip the rest of his meal in the sauce.  The bread was warm and crusty and came with dipping oil and a tray of herbs to add to it.  I ordered the beef stroganoff ragu.

The dish was really creamy and had an amazing flavor to it.  The little pasta pockets were filled with a mushroom mixture that just melted in your mouth.  I would definitely eat this dish again and again.  Loren got the chicken kabobs.

He said the key to this dish was getting a little bit of everything in each bite.  The onion and tomato really enhanced the flavor of the kabob itself.  He cleaned his plate.  Our friend Geff ordered one of the items that Guy Fieri tried when he visited the restaurant, the Thracian Clay Pot.

It takes a while to come out of the kitchen and then has to cool down to a temperature that won’t burn the roof of your mouth off.  It was an interesting dish.  Geff seemed to like it once it got under the temperature of lava and the egg had cooked a bit more.  So far, everything had been so delicious that I couldn’t pass on dessert.  Loren & I ordered the baklava and the tolumba.

Unfortunately, this is where things went south.   Both desserts were very cold right out of the refrigerator and had a less than pleasing texture.  They just weren’t good at all.  Total bill was $43.  Go for the food, skip the dessert and your taste buds will thank you.

Forte Tapas Bar and Bistro
4180 S. Rainbow Suite 806
Las Vegas, NV

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