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We decided to give Bella Kouzina another try, but unfortunately, this visit wasn’t any better than the last.  It started with the fried calamari.

We order calamari almost every place that has it on the menu, so I think I’m a pretty good judge of how it should taste.  This was just beyond chewy and had no flavor whatsoever.  When the waitress stopped by and asked how it was, I told her it was chewy.  She looked at me and said, “But, it’s calamari.”   I’m guessing she’s just never had calamari cooked the right way before.  She took it back to the kitchen and we heard someone say “drop another order of calamari”.  Since nothing else was said as to cooking it differently, we ended up sending the second batch back as well & they took it off our check.  The waitress said they must have just gotten a bad shipment.  Personally, we both thought they just didn’t have the oil at the right temperature, so it was getting overcooked.  But, on to the soups.

Loren got the clam chowder and I got the pasta fagioli.  His had a decent flavor, but it wasn’t thick and creamy.  My first bite tasted like baked beans and each subsequent bite had sort of a metallic taste when it hit my tongue.  Loren said he could taste what I was tasting as well.  The bread, however, was the highlight of the meal for me.

Loren ordered the salmon Cleopatra which had artichokes, celery and mushrooms in a white wine lemon sauce.

He said it was ok.  At first, he didn’t like the sauce on it. I tasted it and thought it  just tasted like olive oil with a little bit of lemon in it. His dish also came with pasta.  He said it was overcooked and the sauce wasn’t great.   I decided to try the pastitsio.

Again, this is a dish I order at most Greek restaurants, so I expect certain flavors.  This one didn’t deliver.  Instead of being cooked as one large dish and portioned out, it looks like an individual serving was made.  The pasta wasn’t drained properly, so there was water in the bottom of the bowl.  The meat filling had no flavor and the pasta sauce was tart.  It hadn’t cooked anywhere near long enough to develop any decent flavors.  This was a pretty disappointing meal for $29.

Bella Kouzina
3101 SR 580
Safety Harbor, FL
(727) 797–2667

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Thinking Hurricane Isaac was headed our way, we went to downtown Safety Harbor for a quick lunch at Athens.

A couple of burgers, some fries and onion rings and we were good to go for the rest of the afternoon.  Total bill with a drink was $15.

Athens Restaurant
226 Main St
Safety Harbor, FL

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A Little Dry

BBQ was on the menu for dinner so we headed to downtown Safety Harbor and Brady’s Backyard BBQ.  Loren’s a fan of the riblets, so he got those with some garlic red potatoes and greens.

He said the riblets were good, but he didn’t like the potatoes.  I liked them, though.  I ordered the brisket with a side of cornbread pudding, a try of potato salad, and some mac & cheese that they had on the menu tonight.

I like really tender and juicy bbq meats and the brisket just didn’t do it for me.  I found it dry.  Loren liked it though, so he ended up with most of it for lunch tomorrow.  The cornbread pudding and potato salad are always delish, but I also found the mac & cheese to be a bit on the dry side too.  It had good flavors and the wait staff were raving about it, but I just prefer mine a bit creamier.  Total bill with a drink was $30.

Brady’s Backyard BBQ
340 Main Street
Safety Harbor, FL

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  • A Little Loud

    A new Beef O’Brady’s opened up on Enterprise recently so we checked it out for dinner today.  It still smelled like new paint and the music was a bit too loud, but otherwise, the experience was pretty good.  Loren went for an O’Brady Burger with fries.

    He said it was juicy and had a pretty good flavor to it.  The fries were crunchy and quite yummy.  I went for a patty melt and added some grilled mushrooms to it plus a side of onion rings.

    I was happy with the burger.  Just like Loren’s, it had good flavor but the sour dough bread was toasted a bit unevenly.  The onion rings were really good.  We both devoured those.  They had a great crunch and flavor. Total bill with a drink was $23.

    Beef O’Bradys
    2471 N McMullen Booth Rd
    Safety Harbor, FL

    Beef 'O' Brady's  on Urbanspoon


    Time for too much sushi as usual.  This time around it was back to Ocean Blue in Safety Harbor.  Loren wanted a salad and I wanted some egg rolls to start off with.

    Now, you would think that we’d order less sushi since we got an appetizer, but sadly, that wasn’t the case.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, the Super Crunchy is my most favorite sushi roll around.  Everything else was fresh & tasty as well.  I really like the no rice cucumber roll too.  I think what we both like most about this place is that they don’t drench all the rolls in mayo or sauces.  They let the fish be the star. $60 later and we had to roll ourselves back out to the car.

    Ocean Blue Sushi Bar & Kaiko Japanese Restaurant
    2475 McMullen Booth Road
    Clearwater, FL

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