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Go Hungry

We were walking through downtown Safety Harbor tonight admiring the artwork from the Bloom and Chalk Festival when we saw a sign for LuLu’s Restaurant.  It’s only been open for a month and just had its official grand opening this weekend.  It’s located just off of Main Street in the space where Brady’s BBQ used to be.  They added an additional patio which was perfect for the beautiful weather we’re having right now.

It’s a Portugese/Brazilian restaurant.  They have a buffet plus they come to your table with skewers of different kinds of meats for $20/person. 

The buffet had salad, soup, potatoes, rice, black beans, chicken and veggies.  I didn’t care for the veggies, but the rest of it was pretty good.  The chicken was very tender and flavorful. 

As for the skewers of meat, they brought around ribeye, two types of sausage, lamb, tri-tip, and pork tenderloin.

All of the meats had good flavors.  I thought the ribeye was a little oversalted though.  The tri-tip was by far the most tender and tasty.  Both sausages were good.  The “spicy” one had a lot of flavor but wasn’t overly spicy.  Be sure to go hungry when you dine here though because they keep coming back to the table to offer you more food.  We were both stuffed and yet when they said they had chocolate mousse cake for dessert, I just couldn’t say no.

It was yummy.  Loren kept trying to slide it to his end of the table.  The mousse layers inside were a little too cold, so they weren’t fluffy, but rather it gave it an almost ice cream like texture that I really liked.   Total bill with a drink was $51. 

122 Third Ave N
Safety Harbor, FL
(727) 216-6648

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We ate dinner at Panos Kouzina tonight.  They were fairly busy, with several tables coming in at one time, so service was a bit slower than usual.  We ordered off their specials menu, which is a great deal.   I got a Greek salad and Loren ordered a house salad.

The Greek salad had big chunks of feta on it.  Unfortunately, I forgot that they put sliced onions on the salad, so I had to pick those off. The dressing was very tangy.  One of my favorite things here is the bread.

Loren got the souvlaki and I ordered the eggplant parmesean.

He liked the souvlaki.  He’s had it here a few times before.  This was the first time I tried the eggplant and unfortunately the last.  It was just too mushy.  I expect a bit of crunch and texture to fried eggplant, but this just disolved in your mouth, no chewing necessary.  Total bill for both dinners and a drink was $20.

Panos Kouzina
3101 SR 580
Safety Harbor, FL
(727) 797–2667

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After taking photos of the perigee full moon tonight, we headed over to the Safety Harbor Grill for dinner.  We had planned to go to the Whistlestop, but it was packed, so we just went next door instead.  They had music on the patio and it wasn’t crowded at all. 

We both decided on burgers. Loren got the bacon cheeseburger and I ordered the fried green tomato burger.

Both burgers were pretty good.  They had a nice flavor.  I didn’t think the fried green tomatoes did much for it though.  I ended up having to take one of them off because it was a bit too tough for the sandwich.  I wouldn’t order it again.  We also got some cheesecake for dessert.

It was very creamy and had a nice flavor.  Total dinner was $20.  Here’s one of the moonrise photos I took.

Safety Harbor Grill
997 Main St
Safety Harbor, FL

Safety Harbor Grill and Bar on Urbanspoon


We were looking for something relatively light for dinner, so we drove into Safety Harbor to Crepe-ology.  It’s located on 5th Avenue, right off of Main Street.   There was a large party in the restaurant, but the waitress told us up front that there would be a wait for our crepes.  Loren ordered a salad to tide him over.

The balsalmic dressing was tasty.  Everything served here is in disposable containers, paper plates, plastic cups and silverware.  It’s a very casual restaurant.

We decided on two crepes and shared them, the seafood crepe and the chicken supreme.

I liked the chicken supreme crepe the best.  It has goat cheese in it and the roasted red pepper sauce on top adds a nice flavor.  The seafood one was ok, but I thought the shrimp in it were a little overcooked. 

But, let’s face it, we’re here for dessert.  They had a citrus cheesecake crepe tonight that I just couldn’t resist and we also ordered a carmelized banana crepe.

Trust me, if you like orange, order the citrus crepe.  It was divine.  The cheesecake filling was still a little cold, but it had such a burst of flavors in it.  I asked them to put some chocolate sauce on it because I love chocolate and orange together, but honestly, it didn’t even need it.   The carmelized banana one was pretty good, but I found the bananas to be a little too mushy.  The homemade caramel sauce was very good though.

With an iced tea, the total bill was $36. 

155 5th Ave N
Safety Harbor, FL

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I was craving some brisket, so we headed over to Brady’s Backyard BBQ in Safety Harbor for dinner, only to find out that they were out of brisket and out of riblets, which Loren had planned to order.  It’s just not the same when you go somewhere with something specific in mind for dinner and they don’t have it.

I ended up ordering the pulled pork dinner with corn bread pudding and potato salad.

It was pretty good.  It’s what I usually order anyway.  There were plenty of leftovers.  I really like their cornbread pudding.   Loren ordered the spare ribs with collard greens and potato salad.

The spare ribs were really tender and had a wonderful smoky flavor to them.  They offered us a free dessert since we couldn’t get the entrees we wanted, so we got the coca-cola cake.

It was ok, but it’s not something I’d normally order.  It’s served warm and really just doesn’t have a lot of flavor to it.  It’s not really chocolatey and it’s not really sweet either.  The frosting is sort of caramel flavored, I guess.  Total bill was $29 and though we left full, I just wasn’t satisfied. 

Brady’s Backyard BBQ
340 Main Street
Safety Harbor, FL

Brady's Backyard Grill on Urbanspoon