So, the plan was to eat at the Bavarian Haus Restaurant in Winter Garden on our way back from Disney.  We drove around the area where the GPS said it was, but couldn’t find it.  Loren even called the number on their website, but it wouldn’t connect, so we ended up at Mimi’s Cafe.  They started us off with some rather hard rolls and banana bread.

Loren ordered the Monterey Chicken burger.  You know you have a new waitress when she asks you how you want that cooked.

The piece of chicken on the sandwich was very thick.  I wasn’t sure how he was going to eat it.  He said it was ok.  I ordered the chicken crepes and made it a meal with some corn chowder and a chocolate mousse for dessert.

The corn chowder was rich and creamy, but the temperature was lukewarm at best.  It makes it really hard to enjoy something when it’s not heated properly.

The crepes were ok and the salad had a nice balsamic vinegarette on it.  It was just all very generic.  The chocolate mousse was tasty with the added sweetness of strawberry on top.

Total bill with a drink was $30.  There was nothing about the experience that would make me want to come back.  It was just average at best.

Mimi’s Cafe
3130 Daniels Rd
Winter Garden, FL

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