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Wanted to start off my vacation with a sunset, so off to Indian Rocks Beach we went and ate dinner at Thai Pan Alley.  It took a while before our waitress came to our table.  We ordered the dumplings, the Kiss Me Beef and the Pad Broccoli.





The Kiss Me Beef had a lot of garlic and pepper in it, plus water chestnuts and carrots.  Loren liked it.  I thought the pad broccoli with chicken was a bit on the bland side.  The chicken was very plain and didn’t seem as though it was cooked with the vegetables.  Total bill with a drink was $27.

And here’s that sunset:



Thai Pan Alley
2300 Gulf Drive Ste 1
Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Thai-Pan Alley on Urbanspoon


The plan tonight was to eat dinner & then go watch the sunset on Indian Rocks Beach, but dinner at Jimmy Guana’s took a bit longer than expected.  It was busy and we had to wait about 15 minutes for a table, but we were very happy with the table we ended up with.  Back of the restaurant, overlooking the water and secluded enough that we could actually hear each other and have a conversation over the live band that was playing.

We started out with some gumbo and grouper nuggets.

The gumbo had sausage, crawfish, and a nice spice blend which gave it a lot of  flavor.  It wasn’t very spicy at all.  The grouper nuggets were pretty good.  Loren liked the spicy sauce that came with them.

For dinner, he ordered the blacked mahi sandwich and I got the fried grouper sandwich.

Loren liked his a lot more than I liked mine.  Actually, the grouper was ok, but after the nuggets, it was just too much of a one note taste in my mouth.  Total bill was $40.

Jimmy Guana
401 2nd St
Indian Rocks Beach, FL
(727) 595-8356

Jimmy Guana on Urbanspoon


We had our Friday lunch meeting in our Conference Room, known to some as the Gulf Coast beaches of Pinellas County.  Cathy tells me I’m supposed to take photos of my food.  Meh.

So, we got our lunch from the Kooky Coconut (which used to be the Tacky Turtle, for those of you who have been around here for a while).  Nice little sandwich and ice cream kinda joint.  They carry Working Cow ice cream, which is pretty awesome stuff, but we didn’t have any.  They do Cuban sandwiches and other types of sandwiches.  Fritz had a Cuban and didn’t like it because it wasn’t “authentic” enough for him.  They tried to jazz it up with better mustard, better pickles and fancy cheese.  Everybody knows a Cuban is all about plain ol’ mustard and crappy pickles!  I think they also buttered the bread, making it kinda greasy.  Idunno, I’m not a big fan of Cuban sandwiches, anyway.

They recently expanded to include some Mexican fare on the menu, which is what Ash and I went with.  I got chicken tacos, Ash got a beef burrito.  Both came with chips and salsa.  I went with crispy corn tacos because that’s the way a taco should be.  “Soft tacos” are burritos!  The chicken tacos were very good.  I got them loaded, which included beans, cheese, black olives, salsa and who knows what else.  Nothing spectacular, but the chicken was freshly grilled and well-seasoned, and it put a smile on my face.  Ash wasn’t quite as wowed with his burrito, but seemed quite satisfied with it.  Looked good to me.  It was fat and stuffed with beef, rice, beans and stuff.  The chips were not fresh made, nor was the salsa, but they were adequate.

All in all, we all ate for something like $6.95 each plus a drink.  There’s no way you can complain about what we got for the price!  Oh, and the Kooky Coconut now offers their patrons beach seating in their 6 “key lime green” chairs ON the beach, just inches from the water.  Perfect!

Their website is dead, but they’re on Facebook! And Twitter!

Kooky Coconut
760 Gulf Blvd
Indian Rocks Beach, FL
(727) 517-1300

Kooky Coconut on Urbanspoon